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Whether you are older or younger, retired, or at the beginning of a career – by sharing your experience, you will open people’s eyes and hearts to both your experience of aging and how widespread, normalized and hurtful ageism is. But most importantly, know that you are not alone. 


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Ageism is part of a far wider cultural problem...​​

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Older now, but wiser still
Letting all the old wounds heal
Reflecting memories far away
Dreams and hopes and love and play

Older now, but sturdy still
Soul is open so it can feel
Whatever comes that we may face
Keep up the run, won’t slow the pace

Older now, but stronger still
Life’s achievements we can seal
Like a letter sent with no return
Can’t go back; Still more to learn

Wiser still, but older now
Like a faithful horse that pulls the plow
Still so much new earth yet to till
Older now, but stronger still

By Gregory N Amour

©2021 by Age Inclusion in Media

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