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Upcoming 2021 – Save the Dates!



March 17th-20th

Join us for BLACK HUMOR, a collaborative storytelling night with InHouse Theatre Company! Besides immersing yourself in an Age Inclusive Ghost Story, enjoy handcrafted cocktails from MiniBar Hollywood and your special event gift, both delivered to your door. (Not in LA? Get the streaming ticket and join from anywhere.) 



March 23rd

Get professional feedback on your script idea by Executive Producer Ken Kokin. He will listen to your pitch and offer high-level Hollywood feedback on its clarity and commercial viability. The event will be moderated by Kat Corbett, screenwriter and radio host of the long-running Locals Only show. Limited Availability.

AIM provides programming with distinguished speakers and industry experts year-round.

Some of our past events and speakers have included:

  • Robert King Talks about Transitioning from Movies to TV

  • Dick Clement Talks about staying relevant over Six Decades

  • Pitch Night with Christopher Lockhart

  • Writing & Producing for the Web:

  • Speakers Series with Frank Chindamo

  • Creating and Celebrating Older Characters with Marilyn Atlas and Elizabeth Lopez

  • Ken Levine Talks About Writing for the Theater

  • How to Get Representation with Marc Pariser

  • Creating Your Social Media Strategy with Phil Pallen

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