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How to Zoom like a Movie Star

As we continue to adapt to whatever 2020 throws at us, Age Inclusion in Media has come up with our 5 top tips to help keep us prepared, focused and engaged in the countless online meetings that are our new normal...


(1) Set the Scene ✔️

Yourself: What you wear can affect how you feel, wear your brand and present your best self.

Angles: Raise your computer camera. No one wants a double chin. Lift up the camera and mind your posture.

Lighting: Minimize shadows and direct lighting. Try a diffused lampshade or directing the light to bounce off of a wall for a soft look.


(2) Check your Background ✔️

Background is important, real background promotes credibility and builds trust. Make sure that there is nothing inappropriate or any sensitive information that people can see.


(3) Find the Mute and Video Off Buttons ✔️

Background noise can be very distracting to other attendees. If you are not speaking, keep yourself on mute. If something needs your attention during the meeting, turn the video off until you are ready to be video present again. If you are using Bluetooth or headsets, test them out prior to the meeting starting.


(4) Use the Gallery View ✔️

Hide the non video participants - particularly if you are presenting. Keep yourself engaged and present


(5) Manners Matter ✔️

Be mindful of your manners. Turn off your video if you are eating, and remember that you are in a meeting with other people, be polite.


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