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Top 5 Tips To Career Longevity

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Hollywood is like gathering around a campfire telling stories…

To billions of people.

But the principles are the same no matter the audience size:

  • What was the last story told?

  • What’s next?

  • Why am I the one to tell it?

Here at AIM, we want you entertaining audiences your entire life, and we help you do just that with programs that support Career, Craft and Growth.

So here’s what we’ve found to be the Top 5 Tips For Career Longevity!



KEEP LEARNING. You already know A LOT about creating. But, for writers, have you seen the difference between a script from 2010 and last year’s Black List scripts? Pagecraft evolves.

Plus, there are new levels of the craft waiting for your mastery. When you’re in the habit of always sharpening your skills, that’s what keeps you right on the industry’s cutting edge.



Does the word “networking” send chills down your spine? Rethink! Start fun conversations about movies and TV shows and life. Find any excuse possible to talk to people and explore/argue about the stories that matter to you - especially new ones. Do this well and business opportunities will “magically” emerge for you.



Our business is dynamic. Often impacted by surprise hits and spectacular crashes, while riding long-term booms and busts.

Who drives Hollywood today is different than years ago. And it’ll change again soon.

Follow the trends (5-15 minutes per weekday is enough) to stay sharp about what’s going down from the front lines so you can position yourself accordingly.



In the immortal words of Bob Dylan:

“The times they are a-changin'.”

So ask yourself:

Where is my passion now that I have new life circumstances? What subjects, conflicts and people can I speak to with elite passion? Follow your answers to these questions to sharpen your project’s relevancy.



This is the only guaranteed compensation you’ll ever get from creative projects. And it really is the best return anyway.

If you’ve fallen out of love with your process, make it a priority to find this spark.

Because all good things will come from this love.


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