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We Know Hollywood.

You can too.

You have challenges like picking the right story, developing it, getting people to read it, and/or getting them excited enough to be attached.

We've done this for decades. Still do it. And we'll show you how too.

With whatever budget you have, we can likely match you with a mentor to give you a customizable roadmap and step-by-step support (either 1-to-1 or in small groups) to get you real results. Fast.

Fill out an application HERE to:

***Tell us the results you want

***Tick the boxes of the mentors that might be a match

***Let us know your budget

...and we'll see what we can do!

One BIG suggestion: hire a mentor to get involved EARLY in your process. The earlier you bring them in (the concepting phase is best) the bigger impact they'll make on every following step of your process.


SPECIALTY: Howard helps you with every aspect of craft and career at the highest levels. And because of his extensive experience in unscripted TV, he’s also an ideal choice for reality projects.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Howard did a deep-dive consultation with Oscar-winner Ben Affleck on GONE BABY GONE, and consulted with PITCH PERFECT creator Kay Cannon and many more. He’s helped new writers sell scripts and he’s a life-long working screenwriter himself setting up his screenplays, with talent like Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson and Kelsey Grammer. In addition, Howard is a Senior Story Producer on "The Bachelor" franchise.



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