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50 Days. 50 States. 
50 Examples of Ageism and Age Inclusion.

The Goal

The United States of Ageism highlights the endemic ageism in this country. Ageism is so embedded and engrained in everyday life that we often miss it when it happens. 


This campaign shows some of those cases to illustrate the breadth of the discrimination and injustice against huge numbers of people just because of their age. 


Equally important is sharing age-positive stories. These show where people fight age stereotypes, ageism, or how the generations can work together. 

Where ageism stories show our past and present, we hope the age-positive examples can guide us to a more optimistic future.


How it Works

We post examples of age discrimination and of age inclusivity from each state. The stories we share might include how difficult it is to fight age discrimination and to prove it in the courts. Similarly, we'll bring you examples where generations are working together. 

How You Can Get Involved

We want to start conversations and raise awareness, so engage with us and help amplify awareness. The United States of Age is the “Us of Age” - we're all of age, whatever that age may be. 

  • Use the #USofAge

  • Like and Retweet.

  • Comment. 

  • Add your own examples. (Either DM us or contact us hereLINK) 

  • Get the news out there!

    • @ your local news organizations and make them aware of ageism and how you fight it in your community.

  • Get policy change! 

    • @ your representatives. Ask what they're doing to ensure ageism becomes a thing of the past. 

  • Follow us on Twitter @ageinclusion.


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